Matilda Bale - Represented Globally By Curate International


Matilda is a budding British artist, who has studied at both The Slade and The Royal Drawing School in London. She has shown work in a number exhibitions across the UK as well as at art fairs globally. Her works are in private collections in London, Abu Dhabi, Canada and Singapore.

In her works she explores interactions between external and internal landscapes. Emotions, memory and imagination are integral to her experience of physical landscapes and form the basis of her inspiration. Numerous drawings are created in a location which instinctively feels significant. These are worked on with an intensity which aims to capture the feelings and sense of a place. Once back in the studio Matilda predominantly works from drawings, notes and memory to develop her paintings. Acrylic allows her to work quickly; although the process of layering, reviewing and reworking the surface until it feels right can take a substantial amount of time.