Marie Aimee Fattouche


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Marie Aimee Fattouche is french and middle-eastern, living and working in London.

"The everlasting question of my own purpose led me to research the place of the human in the whole and inquire humans' dissociative perception.

The present time seems at point to predict a fantasied future, a futuristic breaking point of destruction ultimately creative, unifying the duality of its own essence.

My research aspires to allow a re-imagination of the boundaries of good and evil, presenting a raw logic of the mechanical tension between polarities.

Scened in the tension of a breach point, my work's imaginary lies on the resistance to both the moral and material, acknowledgments and achievements of our present as the future of a past, — and wishes to challenge the groundings of our need for law, property and electricity.

My body of works intents to uncover the dialogue between contemporary humans and their surroundings, highlighting the consequential and sequential, micro and macro impact of urbanites' daily physicality. My work aims to confess my self and question our contemporary society's denial of actions' interconnectedness.

It unfolds in a performative and repetitive process of construction, — a physical search for balance, unbalance, tension and torsion, attempting to question, by one's common action, one's ability for collective responsibility."