Margot Wilson



Development as an Artist

Always a lover of the opposite, as a child I studied the Renaissance Masters and taught myself to draw using mirrors and inverted images. My early formal training in the 80’s and 90’s includes the tutelage of head sculptor at Madame Tussauds and figurative wax and bronze sculpture courses in London. In 2000 I experimented with bi-handed drawing and rapid clay and wax sketching, the method I use today, preferring the immediacy of improvised dramatic form to finely modelled finishes. My present work is primarily in porcelain and experimentation with glazes and smoke firing. My influences remain Picasso’s early animal studies and ceramics, the delicate rhythmic forms of Donatello, Hepworth’s universal minimalism, and throwing wise, the legendary Lucie Rie.

I work from my home studio and Studio Pottery London.


My sculptures have exhibited at the Mall Galleries (Equestrian Sculpture, 2010) and oil paintings in Notting Hill’s (Blenheim Gallery, 1990). My paintings also appeared in ARTisSpectrum (Agora Gallery, NY) and in 2001 I led a philanthropic art project (Children in Crisis) in the remotest nomad region of the Tibetan Plateau. The sculptures, paintings, and photograph by the nomad children exhibited in London’s Spitalfields Gallery and The Café Royal in 2002. My artwork is owned by collectors in New York, UK, and France. I am a finalist in the International Equestrian Art&Cavallo Competition, exhibiting ‘Spirit of the Herd’ (5 artworks) in Verona, Italy in November 2021