Margarida Brôco Amorim



Margarida Brôco Amorim (Lisbon, Portugal) is an art historian and independent curator who is now based in London. During her previous studies her main focus was photography, which she still holds a particular passion for, along with architecture, performance and installations. After completing an internship at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Portugal, she developed an insight into the diverse narratives that initiates between the public and artworks. This development led to the realisation that her future lays in the curatorial world. From July to September 2013, Margarida worked as gallery assistant at Schwartz Gallery in London. In March 2014 she co-curated the exhibition Ambivalent at the Bankspace Gallery, The Cass, in London. From January 2015 she has been part of a project called LIMITACTION; an artistic and curatorial residency taking place in the Window Space Gallery, London