Maiden LA


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MAIDEN LA is an inclusive and expansive county-wide survey of art happenings that in encouraging the use of alternative spaces, considers Los Angeles as a platform for generative discourse and creative exchange. An egalitarian program aimed at dissolving hierarchies, MAIDEN LA accepts all projects submitted and gives participating artists total autonomy in the presentation of their work. By being 100% inclusive, the program provides its audience a unique opportunity to consider all participants - regardless of race, gender expression, religious beliefs, age, economic status, or education – on the same plane.

Both a playful anagram and homophone of the Hammer Museum’s ‘Made in LA’ (a biennial featuring emerging or underrepresented LA artists), MAIDEN LA’s focus is not exclusively tied to the Hammer’s curatorial efforts, but a way to consider and broaden how a city’s artistic landscape is defined. MAIDEN LA‘s relevance is amplified in today’s politically charged climate, as our ethos of radical inclusivity eschews hierarchy and aims to disrupt established systems of representation while fostering accessibility for artists and audiences who find it difficult to navigate the art world’s various social and financial constructs.

MAIDEN LA 2020 takes place September 1-20. See our website for all calendar listings.