Magdalena Joanna Wittchen




Part of events on ArtRabbit in: London

At the early stage I have learned a synthetic look, that art is not a reproduction of objects but a close and thorough observation of the world what is lead by making conclusions from the experience. It is not just a simple depiction of objects, there is more than a surface behind every piece of art, sometimes there is just the feeling but some other time it is a whole story hidden in symbols. The aim should be to show the nature rather than a raw copy of the subject. Most of my works’ content is connected with serious themes and not those easy topics what is the result of challenging myself to be able to show the beauty of things that are considered as ‘ugly’ or ‘disturbing’. However, I believe that the image or a piece is stronger if it is made in a delicate and more subtle way. By showing less ‘shocking’ images the viewer is encountered and stimulated with the subject what leads to deeper reflection in viewer’s mind. I have always been trying to find out where is the line in-between beautiful and ugly and whether both of them can be shown in an esthetic and respectable way. In my practice I use mixed media, mostly combining digital images or paintings with sculpture by creating cross media installations. I tend to contrast materials that I am working with what allows me to strengthen certain textures but it also has an impact on how the content of the work is perceived. Exhibitions: “Space in Between” -5thBaseGallery, London (March 2015) “Eigengrau” -Fourth Floor Studios, London (May, 2014) CCC “BAYE” -Acme Project Space (February, 2014)

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