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Born: Florida, US BA Digital Art/Music Minor; Stetson University, Florida, US MFA Fine Art; Kingston University London, London, UK Madison McCutcheon is an American Artist investigating the parallels of scientific experiment and artistic exploration through acquired material sculpture. The temporary structures formed respond to consumerism in first-world society and the resulting demands on the environment. Alongside physical material is a focus on the function of drawn and photographed material within a sculptural practice. Exhibitions and Projects: 2019 "Kingston [A]Live", Kingston Bridge Riverside, London UK 2019 "Shhh...", Unit F22 Bentalls Centre, London, UK 2018 "How Can A Duck Be A Publication?", The Centre For Useless Splendour, London, UK 2018 "Foyer", The Platform Gallery, London, UK 2018 "Meanwhile...", The Centre For Useless Splendour, London, UK 2017 "Pigment", Hand Art Center, Florida, US 2017 "Unity of the Arts", Hand Art Center, Florida, US 2016 "Boys and Girls Club Project", Florida, US

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