LUVA is a gallery, experiment, social hub and activist moment. Open for just one day a month and situated in a lock up garage on the Approach council estate in East London, LUVA is dedicated to exhibiting diverse contemporary UK artists. Co-run by Jordan McKenzie and students from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, LUVA asks critical questions about the contexts that contemporary art exists within, its relationship to the geographical/ economic/social and cultural space (the estate) that it occupies and how cultural institutions can have meaningful dialogues with both local and non-local audiences. Being located in one of the poorer boroughs in the UK, Tower Hamlets, LUVA also acts as a local food bank collection point, providing material support to the community it is based within.

LUVA is committed to providing material support to the community it is based within. We’re teaming up with the First Love Foundation who give food, support and advice to local people in crisis. Each person is given an emergency donation of food (enough for 3 days) and the help they need to resolve their crisis and all food is donated to them by the community – schools, churches, individuals, businesses and at supermarket collections. Each event we host will hold a collection for the First Love Foundation and we hope and urge our visitors to bring donations.

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