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Born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Liz always loved the rolling hills of Shropshire and eventually moved to Ironbridge in 2004. It was a move that was destined to be; ever since Dave (her husband) and her self decided that Ironbridge was where they wished to live from the start of their journey together in the late 60’s. She spent 28 years working as an art teacher and loved the creativity that the children showed when drawing and painting. Liz created her own unique child art curriculum and became one of the first primary art teachers for Wolverhampton Authority. She firmly believes that being creative is something we all have to work towards to reach our inner selves, and by teaching children the basics of how to draw and paint, gave Liz the foundations to work from for her own art development. When working with clay she feels as though she has a pencil in her hand and draws through the clay to create the shapes that she imagines in her minds eye. Indeed Liz’s love for Mother Earth is un-bounding. She loves to work with all the elements, Earth being the clay; fire for the releasing of the colours in the glazes; air for mixing of the oxygen within the drying process and water to bind all the elements together. “I love the excitement that is experienced when firing the pots using the Raku method. Its so fast and sudden, so dramatic and playful. Do I know the outcome from the glazes? Well, I should do, but its so exciting cleaning the pots and discovering their unique colours. The shapes are deliberate and I just love the motion of creating the forms.” Liz uses lead free glazes, and can be used with food. Her pottery needs to be indoors during the winter months to safe guard against the winter frosts.

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