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Marcel Schreur is a skill based multidisciplinary artist using the media; painting, sculpture drawing, mixed media. New media: art installation, video art, film, photography and VR. He is self-taught and started out from nowhere by painting vibrant landscapes that have been labelled post-impressionist by critics. However, since then he has used his unique painting technique and use of colour to tackle portraits, abstracts and more conceptual work with equal vigour, consequently breaking free from this initial labelling. If anything, Marcel is a pure expressionist as his extensive life experience never fails to play out on whatever he chooses and heavily affect the viewer. Pigeon-holing aside, Marcel has won numerous international prizes. All of this is somewhat inconsequential to an artist who creates largely to affect positive societal, if not humanitarian, change underpinned by his mantra: Life Is Beautiful. Always. “I wish for my art to create a universe from a viewpoint of peace and tranquillity. I intend for my works to be expressive and passionate while delicate in shape and composition. I very much like to work with colours and spend quality time on the execution but also on the concepts that I am trying to communicate eloquently. I believe that my work can be defined as “Art of the Mind” but also as “Art of the Spirit”, touching upon ideas and sentiments that are important and too often neglected. I like my work to be able to speak to and intrigue the viewer”- this is how Marcel describes the concepts behind his creations and his relationship to art. Dutch born, artist Marcel Schreur is a self-taught expressionist whose work is redolent of Vincent van Gogh in style and executed with immense texture and a multi-coloured palette. He participated in the Chianciano International Art Awards 2012, winning the European Confederation of Art Critics Award and also received a special mention for artistic merit at the London Art Biennale 2013. In 2015, Marcel saw his art taking off globally which exhibitions in Koyto, New York, and Rome, amongst others. In June, he visited the Vatican and presented a portrait of Pope Francis and two abstract paintings to the Pontiff. In September, he took part at the Chianciano Biennale in the Tuscany and in October three of his works were exhibited during the United Nations Global Forum on Migration and Development in Istanbul. In December he started to show in California. 2016 saw a solo exhibition "Life is beautiful. Always" in Kingston Upon Thames. He was also invited to the Prince's Trust art committee to help mark their 40th anniversary art event at the Darren Baker gallery in Fitzrovia. His work was shown in September next to the likes of Sir Peter Blake, Maggie Hambling, Hugh Shawcross, and Darren Baker. 2017 Exhibition at Art Quake Kyoto, at the Kyoto Museum, Japan. London Biennale in Chelsea Old Town Hall. “Life is Beautiful. Always” Exhibition in All Saints in Kingston. The Summer Exhibition at Minley Manor where he is Artist in residence, exploring and implementing the desire to help the progress and development of the Arts between the East and the West. He was invited to organise and curate CCR Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition in Rome and creating the decor and backdrop for the 2 day Open air event in Circo Massimo, Rome for the Golden Jubilee attended by over 50.000 people and Pope Francis. In 2018, he had an exhibition for Chinese Government officials at Minley Manor and then was commisioned by the Chinese Embassy in London to create a painting for the Education Department. Participating in the invitational Blue Cube Arts Festival in Hangzhou, China. Showing the Virtual Reality and Art installation “Life is beautiful. Always.” designed in collaboration with senior lecturers Daniel Bacchus and Dominic Green of Sheffield Hallam University at the Access Space Gallery, Grace gallery and the Sheffield Institute of Arts, Presentation to YSP and at Cambridge University’s “Festival of Ideas”.

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