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I’m a video installation artist. So I am. These installations vary in immersion of viewers but tend all the same to be a - multichanneled, multihued, multiplicity of music beats cute realness. Transmerged in the glow of my placements, one may find meaning  within the lights, the pops, the kapows of a transcendental scope of otherworldliness our intrinsic personal quests for realms other. Political points queered and garnered colourful are proffered in the sanctity of glow, more palatable, for the more affable activist - not to detract but to enhance the glad in this experience. Transcents to a holotropic enclave can, claimed, enlighten souls, ameliorate the douer, render with powerful restlessness. But for why? 

It’s all brains things, neurotransmitters, connections - some of them have tiny legs that walk - You’ll see - I’ll show you. It could all be v serious and important/dull but it’s only two of those things. 

“You can dance if you want to, we can leave this place behind” This applies. 

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