Leeloo was born in the Orwellian year in the city of Gdansk. She was a second (and the last) child in the family that was a little bit German, a little bit Mongolian and a little bit Belarusian with not this much Polish in them. From the very beginning her parents stated that the main purpose of having two children was to have a right number of people to play bridge. And indeed they played it – and they played it a lot.

At the age of fourteen Leeloo already knew that she wants to study Philosophy and without further ado she began to execute this plan. After getting MA at the University of Warsaw, she moved to UK to continue her studies at the University of Bristol. And so – after few years – she got awarded with another degree – this time MPhil.

What she has failed to notice at first during these years – in the so called meantime – she started an affair with the Art. Initially it was mostly pencil and ink drawings but soon enough they have evolved into paintings. Parallel to that she has been working a lot on the graphic design and illustrations. In 2013 few of her works had been sold on the private auction and a year later she has self-published a comic book (“Down by the Yellow River”). Thanks to the help and support of her few close friends in 2015 she had one exhibition in Yate and the second on the Kuumba Live Festival in Bristol. In 2016 her work was also shown in the Fox Café and Art Café – both located in Bristol.

Recently Leeloo has moved to London – apparently she wants to become an information voice on the Underground. However it may be tricky as her vocal chords produce something that much more resembles white noise than any known human sound. You could say that at the moment Leeloo is just waiting to be heard.