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Labor Neunzehn is an artist atelier located at the 4th floor of an ex-warehouse in Berlin-Treptow focused on musical composition, philosophy and expanded cinema. Besides the normal use for work purposes, the atelier is employed on an irregular basis as an independent curatorial platform and a non-profit space for the production and presentation of artistic projects, exhibitions and collaborative critical research work.

Labor Neunzehn currently develops three curatorial windows. The Exhibition series aims to explore the use of sound and visual materials as a media of critique and reflection about politics, morality and economy today. Kamera, a non-regular screening programme, will be presenting avant-garde films and experimental documentaries in a daily thematic row, within a specific time-frame. Cluster (tba), a number of workshops and laboratories dedicated to the extended techniques, which aim to discuss the practices of notation and recording at the intersection point between composition, performance and the listening experience.

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