Kunstler Kunstlerin



Künstler, Künstlerin is an art platform delving into various mediums. Through an open mic format the events allow artists of all mediums to present new ideas, finished, unfinished or in progress. Through improvisation the medium of art begins to open up for local artists to have a space to develop and refine their ideas.

The premise of making work without fear of failure allows artists to push ideas beyond their initial frameworks. The event runs every two weeks and helps fund the artist’s practice in a small way. There are spots where artists can earn a fee for their work, funded from a donation of three euros from the audience.

Accompanying the event, the website functions as an online exhibition space to archive local artists in the area. Without hierarchy the platform aims to remove hierarchical structures and leaders and allows the space to grow organically. It aims to serve artists after they complete study / during study / without study and give them an environment where ideas can flow and develop in a professional context.

Our contact emails is: kunstlerkunstlerin@gmail.com

We have been running the events since April 2018.