Kim Poor


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Kim Poor studied art at Skidmore College, at Parsons School in New York and at the Central School of Art in London. In the seventies Salvador Dali, on visiting her show at the Soho Gallery, appeared perplexed by her idiosyncratic painting technique which used powdered glass on a steel plate and which he christened ‘Diaphanism’, a term subsequently incorporated in the Oxford English Dictionary. Her work has been exhibited in the galleries and museums of various cities worldwide, such as Rio, New York, London, Belgium and Athens and form part of important private collections such as Paul McCartney’s and Baroness Thyssen’s. Kim Poor is one of only four Brazilians cited in noted critic Edward Lucie-Smith’s ‘Art Today’ from Phaidon – regarded as a bible amongst art collectors. Her CV also includes more than 30 record sleeves, not to mention a book of her illustrations of the work of the English group, Genesis.