Karl Child



After Graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography I have been travelling the UK, living in strangers homes through professionally arranged House Sitting Assignments, documenting the use and importance of Traditional Display Methods and Home Curation inside Family Homes. My interests include Cognition, Autobiographical Memory and their relationship with Photography. I also have a great passion for documenting cities, urban environments and changing landscape. I have also been acknowledged as a published commercial and editorial photographer. My work is guided through a documentary process which has allowed me to work in many cities from Paris to Berlin, New Zealand and Guangzhou in China. I am involved in several collectives and art organisations and work with Medium Format Film photography with professional skills transferable to digital photography and post production. I am passionate about sharing my stories, knowledge and experience through photography and work closely with local communities to allow art to be accessible to everyone, through exhibitions, zine events and workshops.