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Kagan Fine Art Appraisals is the best place offering art research in New York. Their team supply basic reports that serve as a starting point for future endeavours.

Most of their clients call needing information about the quality, value, and market viability of the art they own. That is why their art research in New York provides a simple report to provide information. It can be developed into a formal appraisal statement at a later date. If you have your difficulties on how to create on your own, let Kagan Fine Art Appraisals works with you.

Through their art research in New York, they guarantee to give utmost attention to your demands, and ensure you to get satisfied. Contact them at 212-518-8690 or email them at info@kaganart.com. You may also visit their office located at 233 E 69th Street, Suite 2i New York, NY 10021 or check their website.