Julia van Mourik


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Julia van Mourik is a curator and editor exploring new possibilities in contemporary art for people to create, engage and connect.

She is director of The One Minutes Foundation, set up to collect and screen one-minute video films world wide, hosted by Sandberg Instituut, Masters of Art and Design in Amsterdam (NL) and she is director of the Lost & Found programme, where artists show material that doesn’t fit comfortably into regular gallery contexts, that seems out of place. She is also advisor to the Mayor and Municipal Executive Board of the City of Amsterdam on the subject of studios and living/working spaces for artists.

Julia van Mourik was born in Amsterdam in the seventies, started her first newspaper in the eighties, studied Publicity & Culture in the nineties and worked as a trainee on the publicity of the Academy Award-winning film Antonia.

Since 1999, she has produced visual arts projects and has composed programmes and publications, first in the field of design and new media (IF/THEN, New Media Culture in Europe, Exploding Cinema), then more in the field of the visual arts (Re-Magazine, Forum Magazine WEEKEND Agenda, Prijs de prijs, Writers in their own language).

She was previously advisor to Amsterdam Arts Council, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Creative Industries Fund NL, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Mondriaan Fund, Netherlands Film Fund and Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and chair of Inclusive Societies Foundation, board member of Limboland and jury chair of AanZet!Prijs.