Jo Holdsworth

Jo Holdsworth is an award winning contemporary British artist whose paintings have been on album & magazine covers and whose work is widely collected throughout the world.

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Jo Holdsworth is an Award Winning Contemporary British artist. Living and working in Wimbledon, South-West London, Jo takes inspiration from the city’s ever-changing landscape and urban city views. Her uplifting and unique paintings often include silhouetted figures, combining a subtle colour palette with loose, spontaneous brushwork. Jo is represented by several London galleries and exhibits widely, including in highly acclaimed solo and group shows. Jo’s distinctive paintings attract a loyal following and carry a strong message of hope for the future. She regularly undertakes commissions and her paintings are collected throughout the world. “She is a painter with a keen eye for colour and an almost cinematic appeal. The paintings are panoramic and range from striking figure paintings to modern landscapes, all painted in subtle hues.” Culture Vulture arts review “The figures in her work, elongated and striking, dominate her oil on canvas paintings as recurrent leitmotifs. Faceless and eerie, they are denied identity. But this anonymity means each one of them could be any one of us, adding to the undeniably potent imagery of Jo’s work.” Arts & Collections “Jo’s paintings of figures have a particular visual richness and spontaneity.” Culture Vulture arts review “Her work evokes, with uncanny semblance, the comings and goings of everyday life. With seemingly effortless brush strokes and a limited colour palette, she crafts an artistic window into quintessentially British scenes.” Arts & Collections “Like Lowry, Jo has an amazing eye for the dynamic patterns formed by a shifting crowd of people.” Culture Vulture arts review

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