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International award winning artist John Brooks May 2016

Born in the UK he was educated at Bath and majored in Art and Art history and History of Building.

At college he studied graphics and used photography to create designs commercially and for pleasure. His darkroom work embraced most film types including Litho work and solarisation, working in 35mm, half-plate, 5 x 4, and other media. His early graphic work won him several prizes including one from Oxford University’s Queen’s College.

With an educational background in the history of building, architecture and engineering it is no wonder that his work often consisted of studies of these forms. A study tour of European architecture honed his ability to observe and analyse structure and form. This enabled him to create works that explored the subject matter in new ways. These works led to one of his first exhibitions in the prestigious Arnolfini gallery in his early years of photography.

Since then he has expanded his repertoire to include more abstract and thematic compositions including illustrative work for particular publication.

His landscape work has been assisted by travel to interesting lands including India, Sri Lanka, China, Cuba, North Africa, Canada, USA, Russia, inner and outer Mongolia, Belarus, Poland and many European countries.

He has had numerous exhibitions, both solo and joint and has been exhibited by invitation in London and Bristol UK and USA. His work is represented by galleries and other organisations in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Maine USA.

Brooks holds 10 International Awards for his work in the last five years and has work featured in magazines, journals and online image repositories.

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