John Isaacs


JOHN ISAACS (1968) lives and works in Berlin (DE)

In many ways Isaacs is a modern day moralist appealing to our collective sense of guilt about the glaring contrast between the way the world is and the way we would like it to be. We all know that our modern, fast-track, hi-flying, giga-byted, money-making, stock-inflating, broadway-boogie-woogie world is also a fast-food guzzling, consumer- driven, resource-eating, air-polluting, earth-poisoning, prozac-popping monster that has run out of control. The depressing rate at which the natural world is disintegrating is fed to us every night on the news. Unlike at Belshazaar’s feast however, this kind of writing on the wall has somehow lost much of its power to shock and actually become a bizarre and slightly masochistic form of infotainment. We all know that half the world is starving while the other half is on a diet, that each year we produce enough food for everyone and that it costs more to store and destroy it than it does to give it away. We live in an age of such glaring contradiction that we have grown to accept such grotesque inbalance and injustice with a world-weary reluctance. Moral outrage at the current state of the planet only seems to last so long before one becomes accustomed to a sense that mankind as a species is powerless to effect any kind of change on the seeming inevitability of its own self-destructive evolution.

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