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Artist Statement:

I am interested in how any thing – an object, an action or an idea – is made. I produce installations, sculptures, performances, text and conceptual works that explore ways in which materials and manual skills and techniques encapsulate cultural references, historical fact and personal expression.

Specifically, I am interested in learning more about the similarities, differences and interrelationships between acts of labour and acts of art making, including notions of ‘repair’ as a creative, social form of making.

The material from which something is made, and how it is made are my two primary concerns: the physical properties of a material or action often serve as inspiration. My working process is meticulous and I consider all actions involved in making something, from concept to realisation, as vital and discreet components of the finished work.

As a keen user of space, many of my sculptural works are large-scale, constructed using engineering techniques and devised to experiment with spatial relationships. I sometimes use the relationships between elements within a system (e.g. bureaucratic, logical, technical) as conceptual starting points.

Working both within a studio and ‘in-situ’ responding directly to a site, as well as making sculpture I also write, producing text works, articles, essays and prose that develop my ideas in a dialectic form. A burgeoning part of my practice is in collaboration with other artists, exploring the relationship between our different skill sets. Through this I also explore and challenge the traditional roles of fabricator and artist.

Joe Hancock. May 2016

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