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Having worked as an accountant for 20 years, mostly for creative businesses, I set up the Zimmer Stewart Gallery in Arundel, West Sussex in 2003 to promote contemporary art by living artists (mostly from the UK, many from London and the South East).

My business background gives me the financial confidence to take some risks in some exhibitions and so allows me to show a real mix of work from safe commercial pieces to more experimental edgier pieces.

My philosophy is that art should be thought provoking and have depth, it can then be seen on multiple levels - purely decorative, meaningful, evocative etc.

Well placed art in the workplace can make an office a "talking point" - a place which reinforces corporate culture and marketing efforts, whilst at the same time delighting clients and motivating staff. We can source and select work to fit most budgets.

In 2009 I was a judge in the National Open Art Competition alongside Gavin Turk and Catherine Lampert and in 2010 judged West Sussex Artist of the Year with the Editior in Chief of Sussex Newspapers.

At the gallery we also provide an Art Gift Registry Service, which has been used for weddings, retirement and birthday present lists.

Specialties: Client liaison, exhibition curating, a "good eye", marketing, PR, online promotion, accounting, art exhibition for events, art for offices, art in the workplace, wedding/retirement/anniversary gift lists.



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