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Henrietta Armstrong is a multimedia artist, sculptor and curator based in London, specialising in sculpture, installation and public art. She looks at man-made objects and structures from everyday technologies that are often obsolete or defunct, and the symbolism or meaning that we imbue them with. Her most recent work continues her exploration of themes related to personal relics, the mystical unknown and ritualistic practices. Considering the hypocrisy between the Catholic Church's veneration of relics and its historical condemnation of witchcraft. While relics, often mass-produced religious items with supposed divine significance, are celebrated and revered, the Church's stance on witchcraft has been one of persecution and condemnation. This contrast adds an intriguing layer to Armstrong's exploration of religious artefacts and their cultural symbolism, urging viewers to reflect on the complex dynamics of the symbols, rituals and shifting perceptions that shape human belief systems. The paradox between the acceptance of institutional idolatry and the persecution of marginalised groups for similar behaviour, raises questions about the role of power and biases embedded in historical narratives. Through her work, she encourages us to confront the incongruities within our societal norms, inviting us to question the malleable boundaries between the sacred and the condemned. Henrietta is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. She was selected as a finalist for the National Sculpture Prize 2021 and awarded as a runner up for the Soho House Art Prize 2020/2021, where she created an exclusive print edition with Soho House & Jealous Gallery for Soho Home. Her work is now part of the Soho House permanent art collection. She has recently completed a public sculpture commission for the village of Tytherington commissioned by Cotswold Homes & South Gloucestershire Council.

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