Haydn Albrow


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My art stems from a curiosity towards using and combining materials, which has led me to specialise in creating mixed media pieces, specifically creating installations that incorporate elements of photography, screen printing, casting and ceramics.

I aim to capture the fickle and fleeting nature of memories as well as exploring how the act of preserving them can be futile, instead potentially leading to their eventual distortion and fragmentation. Currently my practice has been focused on creating plaster casts of everyday photographic prints and also constructing large scale plaster-like canvases. Using a variety of methods I attempt to transfer the original image onto the blank plaster, usually using a combination of water and chemicals. The solvent allows the ink to bleed onto the plaster, causing random sections of the photograph to become printed. The transferred images appear distorted, conveying the sensation of a fragmented memory. Transferring one material onto another illustrates the process of how our memory works imperfectly, with incomplete and hazy data transferred from one medium to another, leaving us to interpret an imperfect representation of the truth.

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