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Guillaume Bottazzi is a French visual artist, born in 1971. In 2012, he has located his studios in France and Belgium. At the age of 17, he decided to become an artist as a single activity. He began to study painting in Florence, Italy. Back in France, winner of a competition, he moved in an artist studio given by the French Ministry of Culture. Soon he imposed himself on the art scene and began an international career: Since 1992, he realized with great success artworks on specific sites. So far, Guillaume Bottazzi has signed more than forty artworks in public space. It forms part of an overall consideration, including notably various contextual elements. He has received commissions by museums and investors, for example from MIMAS, Mori, Societe Generale ... He exhibited his works in several countries; in Europe, Asia, USA, including New York, where he settled in the 2000s. In New-York, his paintings have been displayed in the Goldstrom gallery. In 2004, Guillaume Bottazzi moved to Japan. It was a remarkable cultural enrichment for him, as well as a new source of inspiration. One of his recent project can be seen in Sapporo, Japan, on the facades of the Miyanomori International Museum of Art, a work of 900 m², a jewel of Contemporary Art in Hokkaido. In Japan again, where he is represented by the gallery Itsutsuji, a mayor gallery in Japan, he imposes his style with several public commissionings. Galerie Itsutsuji is well known to have introduced Support-Surfaces artists and other artists like Simon Hantaï and Pierre Soulages. His paintings are also exhibited in Artiscope gallery, a mayor gallery in Belgium. This gallery introduced protagonists of the most important movements in the Italian art of the last decades: from Arte Povera and from Transavantgarde. His works are part of different public collections as the Queen Shorough Collection and the William Whipple Collection in the United States or as the MIMAS in Japan. He received also some orders from Germany, Belgium, France and more recently from China.

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