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Drawing on his graphic design roots, his life spent by the sea and time being mentored by a Native American Indian in California and New Mexico, Gordon Ellis-Brown’s work incorporates application of pure colour, graphic iconography, photography and found objects. With an acute sense of colour and deep observation of subjects, Gordon strives for simplicity, creating pictorial representations in their minimalist state, the contrasting chromatic shapes and planes generating movement, rhythm and spatial tension across the canvas. Playing with geometric abstraction, Gordon engages the viewer on a journey where everything that is non-essential has been removed. Using Native American Indian rock art symbolism as a central component, the series ‘Soul Shaker’ presents intensely powerful, immersive and often seductive works, capturing the raw energy of the ancient rock symbols with solid colour, graphic intensity and depth. The shapes, compositions and narratives may seem unfamiliar to us at first but seek to make a connection beneath the surface. The series ‘Wish You Were Here’ brings a new perspective to classic holiday images from the 60s and 70s. Here, Gordon’s focus shifts from the new to using found objects that are curated and repurposed. ‘Sundance 1’ was Gordon’s first work to be accepted in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2007, with a second work, ‘Howdy’, in 2010. ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome (465 Sunflowers 2)’ was accepted in 2013. Gordon continues to push the boundaries with colour and form, exploring new frontiers while promoting his work in the UK and internationally. Gordon’s art includes original works (paintings, photography, photomontage, mixed media, art blocks), limited edition prints and installations.

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