GAMBLETRON is a Queer, non-binary, interdisciplinary sound/ performance artist and musician based out of Montréal. Who uses They/ She pronouns.

They are known for their noise-electronic improvisation, multi-tonal “AM Radio Theremin”, roving transmitted “Field Trips”, “Noise Karaoke.” and their performance based media collaborations with artist Johnny Forever Nawracaj.

Gambletron is a musical scavenger collecting technical run off, incorporating old, new and unlikely technology into their art. They work predominantly with radios and take pride in activating projects in unlikely spaces. Gambletron loves interactivity, audience participation and resonant space.

Their solo musical project is loud, heavy, and dance-y using tiny synths and homemade electronics often transmitted through a pile of FM radios. They can be found curated in clubs, galleries and outdoor space often accompanied with visual media by Johnny Forever.

Their art practice functions in both sonic performance, installation and sculpture. It is an extension of their musical practice focusing on the integration of radio, and experimental sound. They explore themes of control, connectivity and communication breakdown using electronic sounds and live radio transmission to infiltrate the waves. Gambletron’s performances function as temporary pirate radio stations evocative of subtle methods of resistance to corporate and state control of communications technology.

Gambletron also works as a composer and musician composing electronic cues and scores for film and theatre. They are also a multi instrumentalist and a member of various music projects on Constellation Records. Gambletron can be found as touring musician with projects such as Hrsta, Nive Nielsen and the Deer Children, Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista.

Gambletron’s art and music has toured internationally and participated in festivals and residencies around the world, such as Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, Donau Festival, Austria and Redbull Music Academy’s Drones activity In Progress. Gambletron’s solo music has been released on Fabrica Records.