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Created in 2000 in Marseilles, Fotokino dedicates itself to the spreading of works in the visual art field, and programs year-round exhibitions, screenings, workshops and meetings in Marseilles, Provence and beyond. Situated at the crossroads of artistic areas, our programme underlines the links between still and moving images, and the mutual contributions of cinema and books. Fotokino seeks to open up artistic fields and spectators by organizing year-round events, mixing graphic arts, photography, painting, cinema, video or sound creation... Fotokino’s singular identity comes from this multiplicity of propositions and crosswise experimentations. Moreover, we imagine various events as a means of arousing the younger public’s artistic awareness, and enhancing their critical mind. They are intended first and foremost for children from 1 to 99-year old, because we believe that the value of an artwork is not measured by the size of its spectator. Separated in two stages, our programme includes monthly meetings in partnership with organizations sharing our artistic approach, and - bringing the year to a close - a major festival in December, entitled Laterna magica.

Exhibitions and Events