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A contemporary art gallery & boutique gift shop in the heart of South Norwood. Hosting exhibitions with guest artists, workshops for all skill levels and ages, along with Live Art Saturday; From time to time we invite selected artists come along to the gallery and create art in the window of the gallery.They get to expand their portfolio and you guys can come along, have a chat and watch the artist at work, engage with them as they create. FREE to attend! We love having young creatives at the gallery. Kids of all ages pass by and are inspired by the art around them.If you find yourself at a loose end with the little ones, stop by the gallery for Kids Colour and Create sessions. At the gallery we believe that it is important that children are introduced to positive ways of expression from an early age. And are shown the many different mediums that fall under the umbrella of art. Providing a platform for talented artists as part of the regeneration of Croydon 10 Portland Road South Norwood London SE25 https://youtu.be/YYZnMIw8dEE

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