Elizabeth Matukutire



As a woman who has many titles: Mother, Wife, Student, Patient, Daughter, Sister, Aunty, it is a constant struggle to remain centered around me and who I truly am.  My works show a timeline of my seemingly never-ending struggles with my own personal understanding and acceptance of myself, inside and out.  I intend to create work that is inspiring and comforting, to myself as I go through these motions and chapters, and to others as they encounter it.

My recent works are heavily focused on my highest title of ‘Mother’. I chose this title and yearned it for many years yet I became overwhelmed by its potential to consume and dictate my life. Motherhood is a hugely open-ended concept that deserves further exploration, particularly within the arts. As I navigate through my personal experience, I am witnessing the rise and fall of the empowerment motherhood can bring.  Being a mother brings the highest of highs but also the heaviest lows.

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