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Diana Tap-F is a writer, artist and activist, currently living in London.

Her art is an exploration of emotion and all its different facets. To try and understand how we process emotions, she mixes all the elements together - ink, oil, acrylic, clay - to not only pay homage to mixed emotions, but also to harness them through movement and fluidity, conveying not just movements of emotion but also expression. Her activism informs much of her artwork and writing.

Diana’s long-running blog HOWL features interviews with artists from around the world, including Maya Fuhr, Aliyah Hussain, and Langley Fox-Hemingway, and uses a basic format of questions to get to the heart of what the artists themselves want to convey about their work and process. She has also collaborated with publications such as Nightmare Digital, Banshee Magazine, IMPATV, Portico Library and London Design Festival.

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