Display was founded as a junction point between an artist and a curator. We understand it as a transitory space, where creation, presentation, representation and questioning contemporary artistic and curatorial practice can be done simultaneously. Display embodies a (meta)physical and discursive transmission. Connection line between inside & outside, seen & unseen, a vitrine is a display. By extension, the exhibition room is a display. Vitrine is the exhibition cycle of Display. Artists are invited to invest the showcase/space and collaborate with the team for a site-specic installation with a focus on transformations and processes. We aim here to give importance to experimenting curation, exhibition design and devices. We are engaged in questioning image systems, investigating the positions, movements and relationships of the different actors and bodies in the space. Display is a place where we explore, invent and create rituals, where we can put them and their procedures as symbolic, rhythmic performance up for discussion. Display is a space for experimental artistic and curatorial practices.

isplay is run by Marie DuPasquier and was founded in 2016 together with Paul Polaris.

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