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My practice unearths the repressed permeability of unstable yet prized constructs, such as rationality and consciousness, exploring the process and drive behind the production of the work of art. Drawing on a wide range of sources from Christian mysticism to Buddhism, spiritualism to Science, my work attempts to question belief systems, examining resonances, parallels and intersections between these different structures. Working in a meditative way, I draw upon and respond to the properties of different materials, such as felt, copper, lead, gold, crystals, plants and found objects. Central to my practice is our relationship to seeing, truth, knowledge and perception. The photographic thus becomes a central focus, in which our biological eye and neuro-scientific sensory system of light perception are drawn upon and explored within a poetic framework. The flash-gun pulsing as lightning, the hovering unfixed after image as memory trails are incorporated into performances, filmic works and installations.

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