Daniel Speight


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Daniel Speight aka The Soft City is a London based artist who recreates architectural facades of buildings from cities around the world. Through his intricate and cartoon style of elevation drawing with his unique approach to printmaking, Speight transforms reclaimed objects and surfaces into unique pieces of art. Evident in his invention of screenprinting directly onto fore-edges of books, Speight explores the distinction between Illustration and Fine Art to make visual statements that challenge the material possibilities of drawing and print.

Recently Speight has opened up these books with their material possibilities in order to build a surface for painting murals on. Relying on the age-faded hues of old textbooks, Speight recreates the derelict and broken down walls of urban spaces through shaping, layering and collaging these old pages to determine depth, form and texture. Combined with his cartoon graphic drawing style, Speight seeks to balance the random textures of these surfaces with a tight network of engineered lines to make inventive visual works.

The overlooked aesthetics of urban decay set against the preserved and modern architecture of our cities continues to drive Speight to make original works in all his fields of practice.