Cristian Stefanescu


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London based artist Cristian Stefanescu was born in 1968. He obtained a MSc degree in 1992 at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, specialisation in Water and Wastewater Treatment followed by the second MSc in 1994 obtained at University of Liège, specialisation in Groundwater Engineering.

After more than a decade of teaching at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, Cristian moved from academia to business development and in 2014, together with his wife international artist Anca Stefanescu, they created their own luxury fashion brand COLOURS OF MY LIFE.

The passion for photography developed in the early years of college and became a constant element of his life. After long and constant collaborations with fashion brands in Romania, in 2018 Stefanescu moved to London to open his studio. His practice includes mainly, but not limited to, fashion, portraiture and street photography.

Stefanescu believes in the energy of every being, of each object, of each plant. He believes that photography renders the ineffable combination of the object’s energy and the photographer's one while taking a picture.

Always in search for the perfect energy, for capturing the perfect vibration, Cristian wants to create experiences that go beyond reality when one can see a photography though, not with his eyes.

He focuses his camera on a distorted reflection of a hypothetical reality, since what one perceives to be real is a mere reflection of his own reality, and he is looking for the feeling that makes him click the shutter button.

An award winning artist, Cristian’s work can be found in private collections around the world including United Stated, Ireland, Romania and Israel.