Jana Mila Noritsch

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Part of events on ArtRabbit in: Berlin, Halle (Saale), Venice

As an art society and creative network we promote the exchange between collectors, young art enthusiasts, gallery owners and artists in favor of a higher awareness of relevant art. In salons, studio talks, gallery exhibitions, conferences, fairs and publications we continually accompany collectors and their subjects, connect people in conversation and discover their work together through meetings with art-makers. Free and independent. An important part of our work is to attend the support of artists by collectors. We also support art collectors juridically ('beyond collecting') as well as in terms of public relations & press work, private collection-focussed researches, exhibitions, art insurance, galleries, auctions, etc. If collectors are convinced of the respective artistic position and trust our reputation, the circles close. Our focus is on the interests and questions of collectors and young people interested - passion and appreciation are our basic content. Participation in the personal stringency of becoming an artist leads to a lively dialogue with art and ourselves.

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