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What is Collective//Pod?

The Pod’s Collective//Pod formed in 2010 has a majority membership of artists with lived experience of severe and enduring mental ill health and believes that creativity challenges and infiltrates what we do and how we feel, both subconsciously and consciously. Through their relationship with the Pod, and collaboration with other professional artists and creative industries on a local and international platform, symbiotic and transformative relationships have evolved. This has been achieved through the continued development of a professional, eclectic, thought provoking and evolving arts programme that inspires images of possibility.

Collective//Pod ratify all decisions made by the Pod in terms of its interface with arts and creative industries and lead on commissioning artists and or arts organisations.

The founder and core members of Collective//Pod are

Adam Hibberd

Colin Park

Sarah Laughton

Christine Eade

All new members of Collective//Pod must be interested in and committed to profiling professional arts practice and/or cultural industry in the city and increasing audience engagement.

Membership is limited to 12 people and is reviewed every 6 months.

Membership is open to

Artists profiled by Turning Point West Midlands (or nationally) that demonstrate empathy with Collective//Pod ethos.

Practising artists living in Coventry with lived experience of severe and enduring mental ill health (schizophrenia, psychosis, bi-polar, psychotic depression) and have a current professional portfolio of work.

People supported by the Pod that have an affinity with the Collective//Pod ethos.

Studio holders will have automatic co-opted membership.


No one employed by or affiliated to another arts organisation in the city can secure membership - unless during the life of a jointly funded project in which case they can be co-opted.

Objectives and future proofing of Collective//Pod

To effectively manage the budget allocated by the Pod for arts and creative practice ensuring we invest in the innovative not the ordinary.

To continue to be brave and honest about what is working and what is not working.

To capacity build the Collective with new members and via new funding streams.

To develop further on our commitment to fine arts graduates in the city through the provision of professional studio and exhibition space.

To build capacity through brokering relationships with professional arts organisations and practising freelance artists.

To provoke debate about arts sustainability and impact across the West Midlands.

To take ownership of our work and brand our ideas and products.

To encourage positive risk taking amongst all associates of the Pod

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