Christian Develter - Represented Globally By Curate International




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World acclaimed artist Christian Develter, a 'global nomad' born in 1968 in Blankenberge, Belgium - Christian has resided and worked in Asia since the mid-nineties. Christian uses oils as an instrument to portray his rich experiences of people and cultures around the world. As a highly versatile artist whose work pushes boundaries, he believes that despite cultural differences and starkly different socio-realities, there are moments that can be appreciated by everyone. These moments are the trigger of his inspiration. The inspiration for Christian’s iconic body of work, the ‘Chin Series’ comes from the intricately tattooed faces of the Chin women located in the North-Western region of Myanmar. In 2012, Develter travelled this region extensively and visited the remote tribes of the chin region, in which this series is named after. Christian is representing globally by Curate International with an international presence located in London and Singapore. All artworks and lithographs are available for purchase with complimentary DHL shipping worldwide from or

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