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My artistic philosophy is to work hard and always seek to break new boundaries. I also subscribe to a Punk Rock DIY ethos and have been involved in several art projects - both setting up, contributing and promoting - see Art Group info below. I enjoy collaboration and exploration. For me, painting helps me see the world with new eyes and to enliven the world in colour and mess with form, the electronic music I produce helps me to explore a fresh world of sound and I deeply appreciate boundary smashing ( I am generally only interested in finding new sounds and pushing things forward). My film work consists of creative collaborations with a newly graduated filmmaker called Jeremy who I was lucky enough to share a house with in 2015, and a series of my own films which I have made to showcase my music and artistic interests. Finally I have always loved to write poetry as it helps me get to the core of my emotional and intellectual being and there are a selection of them on here for you to read. Studio based at The Electric Picture House - Cheshire

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