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"Cerdeira Home for Creativity is a creative and artistic hub in an environment where art and nature live closely together. Hidden away in a small valley at 700m above sea level, Cerdeira is a schist village rebuilt in the 21th century after decades of abandonment. Today, Cerdeira has new stories to tell and new inhabitants that with their persistence and will power, breathed life, purpose and art back into this place.

We have been recovering the village of Cerdeira since 1988, and in 2018 the project became Cerdeira - Home for Creativity.

We are a community of arts and culture with a village as home and the world as our inspiration.

Our mission is to provide the environment and tools necessary for inspiration and contemporary artistic creation, where nature and creative vision combine to form an unique experience and unique product.

The permanent dialogue between ‘craft’ and ‘’art' defines our pratice in a reconfiguration of handcraft, craft materials and techniques to a contemporary and modern vision and understanding.

Artist will be in a showcase of freedom and silence where the authenticity and comfort our schist houses, equipped studio and surrounding landscape turns to be an epicenter of cultural inspiration through art and creativity.

In 2015, the Japanese ceramicist Sensei Masakazu Kusakabe led the Sasukenei's - Smokeless Kiln construction project, one of the biggest references in the ceramics world. With the construction of this kiln, Portuguese and international potters have available an equipment that allows them, with a reduced consumption of firewood, to fire their pieces in just 36 hours, achieving impressive effects on ceramics that are usually only possible to achieve with a firing time of 6 or more days.

Our main area of artistic intervention is visual arts (ceramics, wood working, painting and drawing), but we are open to new project is other areas like photography and video, writing, music composition, and architecture.


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