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Welcome to Bullclough School of Art,  a spectacular meeting place and retreat for aspiring and established artists.  Combining a deep connection between the tools and techniques of art, together with the flair and passion of creativity, the Bullclough experience is truly inspirational for everyone who studies here. 

"Bullclough is FAB! I'm so pleased that you don't need to be an artist (that would be too scary for me!). It was great to relax and have fun with my friends, without the pressure to produce a Picasso! A super idea in an amazing setting." Jackie

Bullclough School of Art is the latest venture by Nellie Shepherd, whose pioneering London art classes and creative books introduced thousands of people to the joys of all forms of art. Bullclough is located in the dramatic landscape of the Peak District, with deep valleys carved into the rolling limestone hills. The white peak area has inspired artists for generations, and under the tutelage and mentorship of practicing artists we aim to continue that tradition. Whether you attend a short course, a masterclass or a full workshop, you are guaranteed the very best instruction by recognised artists, who are well established in the art world and eager to share their skills and experience. 


We also sometimes combine yoga/pilates within our programs or as an optional extra and we are lucky enough to have our very own resident yoga teacher on hand for private sessions. 

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