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Bryce Watanasoponwong is a Thai-Australian Fine Art/Street photographer. He was born in Bangkok but spent much of his adult life in Sydney, Australia. Bryce grew up in a strong, business-minded family that influenced his decision to pursue business studies at a young age. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, information and business administration from universities in Thailand and Australia.

His journey into photography began when he began to help his dear friend, award-winning, Sydney-based wedding photographer, Michael Zanetti. Bryce was soon a regular fixture at the weddings shoots, and it was during this time that Bryce began to develop his portrait and documentary style of photography.

After spending 18 years living in Australia, Bryce eventually decided to return to Thailand to pursue business opportunities in real estate and hospitality. During his first few years back, unfortunately, Bryce’s art was put on hold as he focused on his business. Although happy to be back in Bangkok and very busy with his career, Bryce soon realised how much he missed photography, and decided to follow his passion, and recommence his journey as a photographer.

His first major achievement was winning the People’s Choice award for his image “You Look Great” at 2012 Sydney Art and About festival. Bryce has been named a finalist a variety of international photo festivals including 2016 StreetFoto and 2017 Street Shooting Around the World.

Bryce makes his home in Bangkok but often travels for pleasure and to gain inspiration for his work.

“ When I go out onto the streets with my camera, I appreciate nothing as much as meeting new people from different cultures. I enjoy the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty, the quirkiness and the humour of those in-between moments that people often miss. I do my best to capture every scent with an open mind and especially look for elements of the abstract. Colours, neo- and natural light, shapes, and textures are elements that I find most fascinating. It is through this process of discovery that I identify the subject matter and the abstract qualities I wish to emphasize,” “says Bryce.



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