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Upcoming exhibition: DYAD - opening 28 May at Hive Dalston


Beatrice McGuire (b. 1987) is a multi-disciplinary artist from London, currently working on a conceptual photography project incorporating projected images. Beatrice has an extensive background in sequential and fine art illustration work, often located on the London small press and DIY scene. Within her own artistic work Beatrice is constantly driving to explore and develop the realisation of her own artistic ideas and is not limited by medium – having previously produced work in video, word, sculpture, paint, ink, photography and sound, at times in combination. Seeing a strong connection between art practice and participation in culture, Beatrice has worked to bring together art and social issues, working on queer, feminist and other DIY arts events.


PROJECTIONS is a metatextual photo portrait series incorporating projected images, shot in each participant's space of contemplation, creativity or work. The series directly contrasts the images which people project; as performers, artists and participants in public life (incorporating images selected by the individual), with their personal identity in private space; as well as the photographer's interpretation of their image through imposition of my creative interpretation and use of composition. In its attempt to capture, in one image, the complex nature of self-hood, PROJECTIONS examines the self as a tripartite manifestation of perceptions: how we present ourselves with physicality and image, external self; how we consider or conceive of self-hood, a private internal self; and the self as we are seen by others, the perceived self. In this way, PROJECTIONS questions the location of the self, and its conceptualisation as finite and singular.

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