The Art Cooperative



We are artists from various walks of life and creative backgrounds.

The Art Cooperative was founded in 2016 by a group of artists in Delta House Studios; Susan Bunn, Blair Lamar, Tana Maxted, Cheryl Tarbuck and Eva-Chloe Vazaka.

Our first show was an open call which allowed us to explore bringing together different outlooks of each artist's work in a unique and complimentary curation. With a few group exhibitions under our belt, the group has expanded and evolved beyond one artists' group. The group aims to work towards presenting the work under a common theme, in this case, our upcoming exhibition Memory. The ethos of the group has always been to design independent exhibitions by creatives collaborating, even when not working from the same physical space. The Cooperative aims to give an opportunity to creatives of various mediums.

The Art Cooperative achieves this by bringing the participants together to discuss, cultivate ideas, and critique each other's work. The variety of unique elements each artist brings to the table keeps ideas fresh and diverse, whilst strengthening our collaborative curations.