Art Code Space



Art Code Space was born as a project in 2013 and was established on the international scene in 2018, with the goal to exhibit and promote Modern and Contemporary artists from around the globe.

The project is a unique context for the dialogue between various regions, mediums, and ways of expression. Serving as a bridge between collectors and a comprehensive curatorial selection, Art Code Space offers more than an accumulation of works. Indeed, it is a travel through time and history with the entrepreneurial spirit of modern society.

We work with a list of spectacular Cuban artists from young generations to established names: Linet Sánchez, Iván Perera, Jorge Lavoy, Grey Cruz, Eloy Costa, Osiris Cisneros, Lorena Gutiérrez, Glauber Ballestero, Jorge Eduardo Hernández Leyva, Osmeivy Ortega, Lisandra Ramírez, Héctor Remedios, Humberto Díaz, Marlys Fuego, Consuelo Castañeda, Hildamaría Rodríguez and Margaret Tolbert.