Armin Dietrich




has created a photographic system using different colour-filter sheets on transparent glass-fibre screens, or large slides, which are superimposed on his subjects and give these an added sensuality by enriching the underlying photographic composition with metaphorical visual and translucent nuances.

His works can be considered within the same context as Hans Arp's early “chance collages” and the asymmetrical découpages and papiers dechirés that we associate with Matisse's post-war works. However, unlike these old masters' coloured cut-outs and works made of torn paper, Dietrich translates only into the language of his own photographic medium. In this way, he creates a new synthesis, while greatly innovating and extending the historical tradition of the collage.

He thus paves the way into the new millennium for the collage, often described as the most innovative new artistic medium of the 20th century. At the same time, his works reflect on the many syntheses and complex synchronies of life that are experienced and lived out in today's world.