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I make a spectacle of myself! At the moment, my aim is to create work which is influenced by the fluid, playful and transformative nature of performing my gender and identity. My body and mind are lent to this process, creating a performance-based body of work, which houses an array of characters with mixed gender signs, who collectively operate in undermining singular expressions of gender and identity. Performance is the backbone of my practice, which works in synergy with video and writing to produce live art at the intersection of comedy and critical thinking. My enquiry is underpinned by queer and gender theory, and celebrates my love of the performing arts, fashion, camp and pop culture. Often involving some form of collaboration, my process revolves around the execution of personally or politically charged concepts and ideas. I use stylised acts such as gestures, costume, movements and spoken word to stage a spectrum of queer visibilities, which contribute to diluting the rigidity of the boundaries encasing gender and identity. Promoting these visibilities to the public sphere, becomes a strategy towards resisting phobic behaviours in heteronormative societies - whose efforts of being tolerant and inclusive are not equally endorsed.

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