Ania Luk


Ania Luk, cooperates with the leading galleries all over the world, which have often distinguished her works (e.g. in 2017 Art Finder from London 'Art of the Day', Vango Art from San Franciso - one of the best new paintings and the best portraits, the best references to cubism. In 2018 shortlisted for International Art and Architecture Festival in Venice). Her artworks have already been exhibited in the USA, in the UK, France and Poland, and her paintings can be found in private collections in various parts of the world.

She is an artist with a diploma from the prestigious Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. During her studies she took part in design, painting and ceramic workshops and student collective exhibitions. After graduating, she had been painting for pleasure for a few years.

Currently she paints mostly sensual portraits of women with acrylic and the female body is her greatest inspiration. Characters are often located in an abstract, contractual space that is meant to be the background and at the same time emphasize the beauty of the human body. Prefers subdued colors that sometimes contrast with vivid colors.

There are many artists, who she looks up to, but her favorites are Modigliani and Klimt and from Polish artist – Wroblewski and Nowosielski.

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