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Alice Gur-Arie began her career as a conceptual copywriter, graphic designer, and creative director, eventually responsible for positioning global brands, and developing and executing their marketing strategies. Several years ago she returned to her creative roots, producing work that "sits in the sweet spot where painting and photography converge.” The concept of "seeing" is at the heart of her practice. Combining her own photography with digital painting, she invites the viewer to replace the window through which they see the world, with a lens that interprets visual experience into something that is at once familiar and foreign. Inspired by the natural world, landscape, seascape and wildlife images from around the world dominate her portfolio, ranging in style from bold saturated abstracts to soft, textured tones. Alice is a self taught artist. Treating a photograph as a canvas, images are repainted by hand digitally with a "brush", sometimes in layers, sometimes pixel by pixel. Of her creative approach she says, "What is critical, is understanding that my work is not about digital manipulation, but about re-imagining experience”. London based and award nominated, Alice’s artwork is held in private art collections in the UK, US, Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. She also has delivered commissions for private collectors and galleries in the UK and Canada. Ms Gur-Arie is a Trustee of Positive View Foundation, a UK based charity that uses photography to trans- form the lives of disadvantaged 16-25 year olds living on inner London estates. Exhibitions and Events Ms. Gur-Arie has had 4 solo exhibitions, including works from The Iceland Trilogy at the Embassy of Iceland in London, and Black, White and Red, in Nice, France. Alice’s work has been auctioned at Christie’s London, and selected by US publishers for book covers. Awards and Recognition Gemini Art Prize Featured Artist; Tagsmart Artist of the Week; Secret Art Prize (long listed); Top 10 Artworks CultureLabel; Bridgeman Images Studio Award (short listed); Aesthetica Art Prize (long listed); Terry O'Neill Tag Photography Award (2 series nominated); Royal Ontario Museum (winner), Toronto 1985 -> National competition to design the Smithsonian In- ternational Travelling Exhibition campaign for The Precious Legacy. Ms. Gur-Arie also is known for her "straight" photography. Much of this work, shot in international locations including Mumbai, Jerusalem, Safranbolu, Macau, Lyons, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles, is part of her ongoing "street' project In Public Places. Ms. Gur-Arie holds degrees in English literature, Education and Business from York University in Toronto, Canada. In addition to her practice, she is working on an art book of short stories and images.

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